• Silicon Valley Accelerate

    Connecting global innovators in the heart of Silicon Valley

  • We connect emerging technology leaders with the brightest innovators, founders and organisations in Silicon Valley.


    The 'Accelerate' programme provides technology entrepreneurs with unique access inside some of Silicon Valley's most innovative and successful businesses as well as insight from the leaders who are helping shape and build its eco-system. You will meet with entrepreneurs, investors and innovation pioneers who are driving forward Silicon Valley's culture of innovation and creativity.


    Throughout your time in San Francisco, Mountain View and Palo Alto we will introduce you to some of the biggest innovators on the planet, world renowned accelerators, the venture capitalists behind Tesla and Twitter, as well as the globally recognised tech campus which incubated Uber and Spotify.

    Download the information pack below for more information on the programme, the companies we visit and the prices to take part. If you're interested in taking part, payment plans are available.

  • Heidi Roizen

    Partner, DFJ Ventures (Investors in: Telsa, Twitter and Skype)

    "The program allows for leading entrepreneurs to have direct contact with potential business development partners, investors, and venture capital firms in silicon valley - access that the individual entrepreneurs would find almost impossible to arrange on their own."




  • Companies Visited

  • Christopher McCann

    CEO, Snap40


    "The biggest outcome was attitude and mindset. Just being in Silicon Valley gives you a very different perspective on whats possible and the attitude towards achieving that."


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