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SVA18 - Meet novosound

Let's meet the exceptional entrepreneurs that are coming to Silicon Valley this year!

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Each year, a cohort of the UK's best tech entrepreneurs join us in Silicon Valley for a unique acceleration and leadership programme. Let's take a look at who's joining us this year!

Dave Hughes is a physicist with an Engineering Doctorate in Medical devices. He is also the Founder and CTO of novosound. They are currently raising investment and spinning-out ‘novosound’ from the University of the West of Scotland. We caught up with him to find out what he hoped to gain from the trip to SV...

What's the biggest opportunity for the business?
"The medical imaging and sensing market is the biggest opportunity for novosound. This is a $7Bn market with plenty of growth for disruptive platform technologies like the one that novosound provides."

What do you want from the SVA programme?
"The SVA programme will provide me with important training in the American entrepreneurial environment and provide access to some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. This kind of international opportunity is gold dust for a Scottish startup."

What would be game changing for you?
"A successful pitch in front of a world leading company with innovative interests in sensors for the Internet of Things and medical devices would be an early game changer for novosound."

Describe the business as succinctly as possible
"novosound pushes the limits of ultrasonic imaging and measurement. Our patented, printed, ultrasound sensors will disrupt and revolutionise the industrial inspection and medical imaging markets."

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Could your business benefit from a trip to Silicon Valley? As part of the one week programme in the US, entrepreneurs will be introduced to the SV eco-system, meet with world leading accelerators, have access to high profile investors and insight into some of the most successful tech companies on the planet.

You can apply now and join a cohort of impressive entrepreneurs, but there are only two spots left, hurry up!

"I got so much out of it both personally and commercially... Every serious entrepreneur who wants to scale their business should go on this trip." - Pete Higgings, Founder and CEO UWI Technology - Apply to SVA18
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