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SVA18 - Meet Kafoodle

Let's meet the exceptionally impressive entrepreneurs that are coming to Silicon Valley this year!

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Each year, a cohort of the UK's best tech entrepreneurs join us in Silicon Valley for a unique acceleration and leadership programme. Let's take a look at who's joining us this year!

"The opportunity to join the SVA programme means the absolute world to Kafoodle and me!"

Tarryn Gorre is a qualified nutritionist and trained as a chef having worked in the hospitality industry in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has spent the last 12 years as a hospitality consultant for large organisations: looking at food trends, profitability and how to use technology to assist businesses in reaching targets and ambition.

She is also the CEO and cofounder of Kafoodle, a food tech company bringing culinary adventure to everyone, and winner of our Silicon Valley Competition. We caught up with her to find out what she hoped to gain from the trip to SV...

What's the biggest opportunity for the business?
"At the moment we are working with government care homes, NHS and private caterers. Our biggest opportunity is to make strategic partnerships in our four main sectors: food education, social care, food communications and food compliance."

What do you want from the SVA programme?

"The opportunity to join the SVA programme means the absolute world to Kafoodle and me! We would love to learn about company culture, structure and how to develop a successful global business. We are very keen to expand to the health-conscious US so hearing about upcoming trends, making any contacts and meeting potential partners would be valuable to our business."

What would be game changing for you?

"To sign a strategic partner or an investor in the US, as well as making contacts would be game changing for us."

Describe the business as succinctly as possible
"Kafoodle believes in improving human health by putting food first.
We bring transparency to the food chain and match the best fit food to people to ensure better health. Our B2B software solution is in various sectors from schools to care homes and we are looking to launch a dom care app in the future."

Could your business benefit from a trip to Silicon Valley? As part of the one week programme in the US, entrepreneurs will be introduced to the SV ecosystem, meet with world leading accelerators, have access to high profile investors and insight into some of the most successful tech companies on the planet.

You can apply now and join a cohort of impressive entrepreneurs, but there are only two spots left, hurry up!

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