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5 Scottish Startups to Keep an Eye On

Collaborator: Stephanie Ross

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly hot topic. Each week the number of Scottish startups is expanding. As an outsider, I have watched how the scene is growing, but since arriving in Scotland to work with WeAreTheFuture I have begun to actually experience it. Scotland offers a wide range of incubation centres that offer financial advice,mentoring, office spaces, and networking opportunities to support new coming entrepreneurs. For this reason many companies are leaning towards starting their enterprise in Scotland. The current generation is full of disruptive ideas, and innovative ways of adapting to a new economy and an ever-changing market.

Our annual Startup Summit is coming up soon and we're celebrating its 5th anniversary on November 14th this year. With all the excitement coming up for this event, I´ve decided to have a look at five Scottish startups that have to caught my eye to show what the scene has to offer.

5 Scottish Startups to Keep an Eye On

  • Brewgooder: A passion for beer and helping others, Brewgooder produces great craft beer, and invests all of its profits in providing clean drinking water to marginal areas who need it. It also uses recyclable cans and benefits the local craft beer market, making it an overall sustainable business.

  • Snap40: Innovating the healthcare system, Snap40 uses risk analysis and features a wearable device that monitors vital signs, allowing health services to easily and quickly identify high and low risk patients, both in the hospital and at home. This allows preventative action to be taken, and reduces complications and hospital stay, thus improving overall efficiency in medical services by reducing cost and time in manual diagnosis.

  • Swipii: A loyalty card providing everything you need to retain your customers and grow your business. As a business you can track customers, increase visitations, and turn casual customers into loyal ones. As a customer you can collect points and get rewarded from more than 550 businesses in the UK. The app version allows you to find nearby locations and track points and rewards.

  • Make it Social: Make it Social has made the task of booking with friends easy. You can do group bookings, invite friends, and each one can pay their own share, simplifying the process and bill splitting.Their mission is to make the world a social place.

  • Shotscope: Innovation and golf brought together by helping a golf player evaluate their game performance. Shotscope does an in-depth collection of data that gives the golfer feedback which allows a better understanding of an individual’s performance. It comes integrated with a comfortable and stylish wristband that allows golfers to collect performance data without interrupting their game. Normally elite athletes do performance tracking, but with Shotscope, everyone has access to performance analytics.

Who will be the next rising Scottish startup in the scene? Do you have what it takes to start your own business? If you're looking for business skills, workshops, networking opportunities, or simply inspiration from the best in the industry, don´t miss the big event. If you’ve already got an great business idea, why not enter the Startup Summit Competition to give yourself a chance to win a place on our amazing Silicon Valley Acceleration Programme.   

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